I hate

How you look up “hero” in the dictionary and and most of the definitions involve a male, or being male…

wtf’s up with that?!


Ok so my due date is next week… i really cant believe it… 

Its not the idea of giving birth that freaks me out 

Its the idea of being mother… what if i dont do it right? what if i screw it up?

Everyone says, “once it happens motherhood comes naturally” or they say “you’ll do fine”

…But how can they be so sure

He’s bustin out!

Its crazy to think day after tomorrow is the beginning of the month in which my son, my first born, will make his debut, his grand entrance, his way into this world…. making this girl a woman, and a mother… 


If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it….
Willy Wonka
The pregnant artist

At 9 months (37 weeks) I can barely grip a pencil, more or less draw due to the crazzzyyy numbing/tingling in my right hand, only my right hand…how convenient … 

I was hoping to get back into the swing of things (as far as my art goes) but there goes that idea…. 

This is probably the worst part of pregnancy for me at least… 

The Tiptree Sneeze

I just cant get enough of this….

(What sneezing into a trombone sounds like)


...seriously though… i just look at it 


Thanks inspiring arrow post

…this metaphor is too real